My name is Emilie, I'm a 500h certified multi style yoga teacher. 
I completed a 200h vinyasa focused training and a 300h vinyasa & yin/TCM training with Trimurti yoga school in India and in Bali respectively. 

My passion, and the style I mainly teach is Vinyasa yoga, a dynamic breath to movement style that gives me the space to explore and be creative. 

You'll love my classes if you're looking for something that will improve your mental and physical being as well as challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone.

I hope you enjoy flowing with me and I am honored to be a part of your yoga journey!

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Hello dear yogis

We have finally moved into our new flat, I hope you appreciate the new setting 😁 it’s not finished yet as you can see by some holes in the wall from the previous owner but we...
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Here is a 20min sweaty flow! If you’re in a rush or want to kickstart your day with high energy, this one is for you!
Nothing too complicated, but we will be moving at a quick pace.

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Here is a delicious mindful slow and strong flow for you!

Feel the harmony of your breath to movement as you move throughout the sequence. Great for improving feelings of self connection and awaren...
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Hello 👋

Today I’m sharing something completely different with you.

25min YOGA NIDRA— preparing for new beginnings & a connection with nature.

This is not my original script but one t...
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Hello :) I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Here is a heart opening sequence for you.

In life it is important to cultivate having an open heart. To not judge, to embrace all living beings, t...
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Hello my dear subscribers ❤️

What kind of classes would you like to see more of?
Would you like me to film some tips on arm balances?
Are you interested in guided meditation or breath work?

Hello :)

I hope you enjoy this delicious yin sequence :)

Today we focus on transitioning into Autumn, a season that represents letting go, change and grief. To grow we must let go of certain th...
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Hello dearest yogis 💕
Thank you for being here! I hope you are well.

Today I am offering a slow power flow yoga class which aims to encourage mind/muscle connection and awareness as well as bu...
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Yoga doesn’t need to be complicated or very challenging to be effective.
Sometimes it’s good to leave the ego aside and focus on simple postures and building a strong mind-breath-body connection...
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It is so hot in Luxembourg and a I’m loving it 😍

Here is a delicious yin inspired sequence for you that will help you get through these super hot days.
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